Popular Types of Pet Collars and When to Use Them

The conventional pet collars come in a vast range of colors, sizes, widths as well as materials. Other than fitting high on the wearer's neck, the pet collars should also not be too loose that they slide to the shoulders which explains why much attention should be paid to having them loose enough that the wearer of the pet is comfortable when resting, walking and playing. The conventional pet collars typically allow adequate room for a couple of fingers between the pet and the collar. To achieve the best pet collar fittings, it is recommended that one measures an extra two inches in addition to the pet's neck. An additional our inches works best for the large and wide leather collars. The traditional collars should, on the other hand, fit the weight and size of the pet which explains why the small dogs and lighter puppies are equipped with the lighter pet collars while, the heavier ones are the most suitable or, the larger dogs. The collar should also have the name tag and the registration details all the time as well. While the bling collars can be fun, the spiked collars are the best for herding dogs with the aim of keeping the wolves away even though they may not work best with some dogs and can also be harmful to the other dogs especially during playtime. Check out  genuinecollars.com for useful info. 

It is also essential to note that the training collars come in two primary styles which are the choke and the prong collars. While the choke collars are the most popular across the world today, they are the most effective when used correctly. Improper use, placement, and sizing of the type, however, may lead to neck and trachea damages. The prong collars come with long spikes that produce a poke and pinch feeling which explains why they are the best option for anyone that may be targeting to train their dogs especially with the weaker trainers. It is, however, vital to note that all the training collars must be removed after the training sessions. Make sure to check genuinecollars.com/collections/leather-dog-collars for useful info. 

The harness is another important type of the pet collars that come with a leash attachment that should always be attached closer to the pet's neck. Other than spreading the weight adequately, it can also be the most comfortable when fitted expertly which comprises of taking both the neck size and the girth measurements. The halter collar, on the other hand, enables the dog to achieve the best head control. Here's how to properly adjust nylon dog collars:  https://youtu.be/3fdgvRyD0Uw